For Paper Manufacturers

We provide sophisticated and professional sales and marketing services to help paper manufacturers identify and penetrate markets for custom-designed specialty papers. Such markets are typically quite profitable but technically demanding. Their long sales cycles and high barriers to entry require the high-touch, consultative sales approach that is our hallmark. Our performance-based compensation methodologies ensure that our manufacturer partners compensate us only when actual sales results are achieved.

Among the broad range of services we provide paper manufacturers are:

  • Market identification, research and analysis
  • Individual account qualification
  • Product development support
  • Coordination of buyer product evaluation and qualification process
  • End-to-end post-qualification account and relationship management, including:
    • Value-based, consultative sales approach
    • Strategic account planning
    • Comprehensive reporting of sales activities and progress
    • Supply chain logistics program development and management
    • Pricing administration
    • Customer rebate program development and administration
    • Product quality tracking and reporting
    • Claims administration

For Paper Buyers

We provide strategic product and supplier sourcing services designed to match application-specific requirements with the paper machine best able to address them. Since we are not tied to any one particular paper manufacturer, we are able to provide specialty paper customers with:

  • An immediate connection to our extensive supplier network, which includes both domestic and off-shore mills
  • Access to a virtually unlimited range of products, technologies and manufacturing capabilities
  • Specialty paper product development consulting services at no charge
  • A virtual extension of their end-user purchasing and technical organizations
  • Totally independent, unbiased, objective advice

Via our existing supplier network, we have access to a broad range of paper grades, including but not limited to:

  • Lightweight C1S
  • Coated and uncoated freesheet and mechanical
  • Grease resistant coated and uncoated freesheet
  • Bleached and unbleached flat and extensible kraft
  • Latex saturated freesheet
  • Coated and uncoated specialty paper board

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