Market Knowledge

With extensive experience in the sale, marketing and development of specialty paper products, MGP-Papier brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how specialty paper markets work, and what it takes to succeed in them. Some of the markets we have served include:

  • Multiwall paper bag packaging
  • Residential and commercial insulation
  • Vacuum metalizing base
  • Vacuum cleaner filter
  • Medical packaging
  • Extrusion and adhesive laminating base

Relationship Management

MGP-Papier’s value proposition goes beyond the traditional manufacturer’s representative or merchant reseller business models to facilitate and enhance relationships between specialty paper buyers and sellers. This role can take many forms, including:

  • Serving as an exclusive sales agent or manufacturer’s representative for specific customers or markets on a sales commission basis.
  • Reselling a particular product or family of products to specific customers. Factory direct shipments are the norm in this case.
  • Serving as a strategic sourcing resource for paper buyers by helping them find or develop specialty paper grades or new sources of supply.
  • Providing market- and customer-specific information to paper makers wishing to expand sales capacity or penetrate new markets.
  • Facilitating the interactions between buyers and sellers to assure positive outcomes for both.

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